Heidelberg introduces new AI tool to boost print shop performance

Heidelberg added a new AI-based performance insight tool to its cloud services. This new tool is available as a ‘freemium’ option to users, the new AI tool is called the Performance Advisor Technology (PAT). Heidelberg’s cloud has collected data from over 13,000 connected machines worldwide.

The manufacturer thinks the PAT module will help increase customers profitability by providing this performance data with tables and charts, the PAT module will also give practical advice on way to work efficiently. They also plan to add an anonymised benchmarking function in the near future.

Tom Oelsner, head of digital innovation at Heidelberg’s Digital business unit commented: “The focus of our activities in this area is on improving customer performance. At the same time, the company benefits from the enhanced scalability of its new data-driven business models.”

You can sign up to use PAT right now, either through your Heidelberg Assistant account, or by creating an account when you visit the site.

For more information please visit the site below: