Donations & Direct Mail – Charities in Ireland & UK

Here at Fretwell Print & Direct Mail we pride ourselves on the charities we have worked with throughout the years ensuring they get the best out of our direct mail & print services. Fretwell Print & Direct Mail is one of the leading UK-based companies experienced in the production of direct mail for the Irish Republic. Some of our services include PostAim sortation, deduplication, data auditing, profiling and much more. We also work very closely with An Post (the Irish Post Office) and with this we can offer a fantastic service for mail into the Irish Republic.

Direct Mail contact between a charity and its donors is a powerful communication and fundraising tool that bridges the gap between charitable organisations and the public. One advantage of print & direct mail for charities is the fact that charitable supporters trust this form of communication.

  • 56% of donors see print as the most trustworthy communication.
  • Multi-channel marketing campaigns combining digital and print yield 25% higher responses than digital alone.
  • According to “The Good Fundraising Guide” 79% of donations for charities come from direct mail.
  • In the Republic of Ireland every £1 spent, £4 in donations are received.

So it is clear to see that if a charity is serious about raising funds they would be foolish to neglect the most trusted form of communication which is print.

People like to read about a charity’s activities and direct mail provides this for them, it gives people a connection to the cause and nothing does this better than a beautifully printed item.

Direct Mail has many uses for charities such as:

  • Appealing for funds to their current donor list.
  • Reaching and recruiting of new donors/supporters.
  • Giving donors/supporters the opportunity to take the next step, such as subscription-based program or membership to help generate a regular source of donation.
  • Seasonal charity catalogues.
  • Lotteries and raffles.

Here at Fretwell Print & Direct Mail, our goal is to provide you with all the necessary materials and successful implementation of direct mail marketing campaigns. Our team is happy to help advise you on which services would benefit you the most and answer any queries you may have regarding direct mail marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the charities we have been pleased to work with in providing the best service possible:

Christian aid, Barnardo’s, Concern Worldwide, UNICEF Ireland, Oxfam, Ethiopiaid and many more.

Contact one of our sales team today on 01535 600714 for a quotation and details of how Fretwell Print & Direct Mail can help you with all your charity print and direct mail needs.

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