Fretwell Print & Direct Mail – December 2015

CampaignMail is the new service from Fretwell Print and Direct Mail specifically aimed, in the main, at Charities and Not for Profit Organisations. Although it may be of benefit and Financial Institutions too. But if you’re a charity and you want to mitigate the amount of VAT you pay on your Fundraising Packs then we have launched our CampaignMail website with more details, from 4th January 2016 we’ll be fully operational!

Oh and whilst we’re on the subject of postage, Royal Mail prices, and those offered by DSA suppliers such as Whistl, SecuredMail, UK Mail and more will have their postage increase implemented in early Jan 2016 for bulk mailings. Please be aware that if you are using Downstream Access Providers that the price rise will come into force late December 2015.